About Wincero

Wincero is a start-up with its localization in Iasi, Romania. We are a team focused on vision and continuous improvement through the development of software products and intelligent design. Learning is always the path which leads to innovation. This is the reason why we focus on bringing the best solutions for our clients and business partners. We are stating this about ourselves because we are aware of our capacity of working with abstract ideas. With our approach we try to think outside the box and that's why we most often create a unique team and a well established process for every mission in part.

We believe in people

STOP LIMITS. NO LIMIT Our team means creation, design and engineer like precision, that's why with every project and every challenge we try to unite technology with man, engineering with emotions and the design with dreams.


And this is the reason why Wincero wishes to be a well performing, technology connected, learning process about life and the world of business. We believe that through enthusiasm and a well performing management, we will grow and develop in the world of business and in every domain of activity by systematically co-operating for the achievement of our goals. Having in mind the experience of the final user, we create every time a unique and special design in accordance with the company’s philosophy. Along with the creative and marketing departments, led by their project managers, we reinvent the meaning of marketing strategy and brand communication in such a way that that final product is of the highest quality possible.


This is calculation formula of the present and we look forward at it as a calculation model of the future. Technology is a language in a continuous progress that helps the ones which move at its pace and inconveniences the ones which can't keep up with it.


First of all, we try to surprise every time with our work, this challenge is met with the help of the technology with which we infuse our projects with emotions and visions, surpassing every problem, but most of all we like to create partnerships and we manage that by coming up with solutions exceeding every limit. We are not expensive but not cheap either, because before we start working we make research and pre-audits about our customers. In this way, we may show what we are capable of, because "we" means specialised teams segmented in special departments, created by people who love challenges. The result of a brand must be exploited, sustained and brought to excellence!. "You need to try relentlessly to climb higher and higher in order to see farther."

With friendship and honesty,

The Wincero Team



Because of the outspreading of mobile internet and smart phones among the companies employees, and also the creation of instruments which facilitate team work and task managing in the online medium, a new phenomena named remote-working has appeared. The organisations which adopt this style of work will have access to talented people from every part of the world. It is known that employees which work from home or are travelling are more contempt with their job and the chances of them leaving the organisation are smaller. The employees feel more autonomous, because they can choose the work environment for themselves (a coffee shop, a pub, working space or maybe beside a pool). Also the people which work a part of the time at distance are less stressed than the ones who stay all the time at a desk, these are only a few advantages of remote working.

Stop Limits


"If you want to achieve something, you need to take action now." You cannot put an idea somewhere on a shelf for months until you have time for it. You cannot say that you will do it later. Later you will lack the enthusiasm to do it. This is why we collaborate remotely with people from over five countries, talented people which know that remote doesn't mean just working from home but also a good organisation and independence.

No limits

Thank you

We thank, our families, friends, and everyone else for the inspiration, support and all the love, and we hope that among the brands you will find a story which you can savour. Our dream is to infuse brands and people with emotions through technology. We thank our clients because together we created a family.