Client | Ianuarie 2018


"Because I wanted to improve professionally, I attended the professional pastry school DIEFFE. Here I got to work with renowned pastries and professionals, beautiful people from whom I learned a lot and to whom I bow my head in sign of respect because they are amazing. Here I took different thematic classes to improve my skills and knowledge and I can say that I did.


Client | January 2017

Breniuc Radu

"My name is Radu Breniuc - born in 1985, engineer on paper, professional photographer in the everyday life. A simple man, I find my inspiration in nature, hiking and music."


Client | August 2016

Soft Achiziții

"TATAU SERVICES AND TRADE SRL company is present on the Romanian marked of consulting services regarding the public procurement for 14 years, accumulating expertise in the training of professionals in this branch and achieving to develope integrated IT management solutions for the public procurement domain."


Client | Decembrie 2016


Pappiro is a project that involves a lot of creativity and emotion. The purpose of Pappiro is to be vizible, easy to recognize and to offer the buyer an amazing experienced, from the touch to the sight. All of the designs were created to inspire people in some way or another and we can proudly say that we achieved that.


Client | November 2015

Tia Dent

We are constantly trying to keep people connected to the business world through technology and everything we make. This is why, Wincero cherishes: 

- Connected businesses ( the notion of a network of sales and profitability models needs to be seen as a distribution model)  
- The interaction between people ( we develop intelligent marketing campaigns) 
- The balance between design and the brands philosophy ( we like simplicity, but this is not our goal, you attain simplicity if you get close enough to the essence of things)  
- The utility of the designed products -( the utility aspect of the product is the main focus of all the creations) 


New Client | December 2016

Cătălin Emil Pascar

The artist named Cătălin Emil Pascar was born on 12 august 1980 in a small village in northern Romania. He lives in Italy since 2007. He is a member of the “World Egg Artists Association”. He became internationally know at the Arte Iubilaeum exhibit held at Sala del Bramante (Rome) where he was awarded with the "Premio Diario critico" award; after that he was awarded many times for his work in exhibits around the world and he also appeared in many magazines.